French DIY stores have banned the sale of various class 1 electric radiators

BE WARNED – in recent months, the French DIY stores have banned the sale of various class 1 electric radiators in the country.  Radiators from separate Spanish companies are affected and it is believed that it is the matter of personal safety to the end user that has initiated this action. In fact you cannot buy any of those radiator in any French DIY stores.

Take great care when choosing the radiators to heat your home!  Always make sure of the following:

  • That the radiators are Class II – look for this symbol on any radiator you are considering putting in your home. This means that the radiator is DOUBLE INSULATED against the risk of electric shock.
  • That you can be sure of the manufacturer of the radiator and the source of the components inside.  The Spanish companies mentioned above are not manufacturers, but simply ‘assemblers’ of their radiators.  They source their component parts from whoever is the cheapest at the time – one week they could come from Europe, the next from China or the Middle East.  Look for a radiator that is manufactured by one company – from start to finish.  Where the component parts are built in-house and where the quality can be relied on from one batch to the next.
  • Make sure that the radiators carry the highest energy performance and safety accreditation NF PERFORMANCE category C (High energy efficiency).  The NF PERFORMANCE standards that apply to radiators are as follows:
    • EN60335-1 “Household and similar electric appliances – Safety General Requirements”
    • EN60335-2-30 “Particular requirements for room heaters”
    • EN 60335-2-43: “Particular requirements for clothes dryers and towel rails”
    • EN60675:”Household electric direct-acting room heaters: Methods for measuring performance”
    • LCIE 103-13 “Specification of the NF Energy Performance”
  • Finally, from a purely aesthetic point of view – make sure that the radiators you buy are made from 100% italian aluminium and do not have plastic end panels which WILL over time become yellow and look dirty.  Also, check that the paint on the entire thing is double-coated to ensure that they stay looking like new for years!
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