Electric space heating accounts for more than 60% of energy used in the home

It will come as no surprise to any installer that householders want to cut their bills. As many as 2.4m people now live in fuel poverty in the UK and, as more homes face price increases from their energy supplier, the situation is approaching crisis point. According to a recent Department for Energy & Climate Change-sponsored report, space heating accounts for more than 60% of energy used in the home. It is therefore crucial that homeowners maximise efficiency where they can in order to keep costs down. Within a highly insulated home and well-designed electric space heating system, the total cost of running the electric heating could be as low as half the total cost of running all other electrical appliances around the home. According to the Housing Energy Fact File, the total cost of running household appliances such as the washing machine, tumble dryer, fridge freezer, TV and lighting costs the average household up to £534 per year. needo Line T electric radiators web

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