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Transform Your Room with a Truly Bespoke, Designer Electric Radiator

Livingstone® marble powder radiant panels are the result of patented, innovative technology studied especially to deliver maximum heating efficiency through minimal energy consumption. Thanks to the particular thermal inertia, the stored heat is gently, gradually and evenly released into the room.

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Exclusive Italian Designer Radiators

Learn more about our Italian Designer Radiators Range, including the Marmo, Curve and Natura. Available in a full palette of colours, the designer range provides elegance and efficiency in equal measures.

Venus Designer Electric Radiators


Venus, an elegant oval radiant panel, fully expresses thee potentiality and versatility of the Livingstone® technology.

The forms and dimensions of our panels can be customised in any form or shape, a true revolution in the heating sector.

Marmo Designer Electric Radiators


The Marmo range is distinguished by the linearity and simplicity of forms, which is enhanced by the pureness of the white colour.

Available in six different sizes, with a smooth surface finish. It is also available in horizontal versions with measurements 150×55, 110×55 and 86×55 and can be customised according to the available colour palette.

Eco Dry Electric Towel Radiator

Eco Dry

Functional and eco-friendly, Eco Dry is a system for drying towels. It can be adapted to any environment and is available in different finishes.