Electric Radiators

As part of our duel British Standards and Eco-design for Energy-Related Products accreditation process, all IntelliHeat Smart Heaters are subjected to rigorous testing to certify each electric radiators ‘Lot 20’ energy efficiency capabilities.

Indeed every component of our electric radiator ranges is designed primarily to maximise heat production whilst minimising energy consumption. This is why we insist on integrating a smart energy consumption meter into all our advanced control systems.

Indeed we are so confident of our Efficient Eco-design Radiators ability to continuously reduce our customer’s energy consumption that we have designed the systems to provide graphically enhanced read-outs on demand on each unit, or for the entire system. Complying with the latest Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products Regulations 2018

Fully compliant with the E.N. Law (2015) British Standards BS 60335-1:2012

NF Energy Performance Rated C +++ accredited.

NF Certification

Eco Design Electric Radiators | Towel Rails

Everything to keep you warm, our whole Italian range has been designed to obtain a quick and accurate response to changing temperature needs in order to guarantee the highest level of comfort in any given moment and to reduce energy consumption.

Each Electric Radiator can be controlled and programmed independently, thus providing each separate room with the exact amount of heat only when and where needed it.

Each one of our heating units is built of high-grade aluminium to maximise conductivity, and filled with our patented thermodynamic fluid which has been tested in controlled environments to deliver optimal heat transference.

Our Electric radiators comply with the New E.N. ECO DESIGN Legislation of Energy-Related Products compliance (2016 | 2018). Under Lot 20 of the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive, all local space heaters manufactured for sale in the EU will need to comply with a minimum efficiency standard.

Eco Design Lot 20 Compliant

As such an IntelliHeat radiator will save you money from day one, through the simple and quick installation process to the immediate zoning of your property to rid you of the need to run an entire system to heat just a few rooms.

Eco Design Efficiency features:

  • High Grade 100% aluminum Body
  • Design Structure to maximise advanced convection and improve rapid heat transfer
  • Patented advanced thermodynamic fluid
  • V27 Triac Energy Regulator
  • Advanced Class II robust heating element
  • The ultra-precise thermostat is accurate within 0.1° degree
  • Independent zoning on each room or Zone
  • Open window detection sensor (Only available on Cali Sense range)
  • Infrared motion, window sensor
  • Self-learning thermostat, self adjust according to your lifestyle
  • Graphically enhanced smart energy consumption meter to monitor energy use
Needo Slimline Electric Radiator

NEEDO Designer Slimline Range

Maximum Comfort for Minimum Energy | NEEDO Italian Designer Electric Radiators.

NEEDO is the European brand of Zoppas Industries, which has an impeccable pedigree across the World, being a leader in the manufacture of heating elements, slim electric radiators & electronics for domestic and industrial applications and investing heavily in R&D

Feel confident when you buy your NEEDO slimline electric radiator! Think How much you could save by reducing your consumption by up to 35%.

Output 750w, 1000w, 1250w, 1500w.

Designer Towel Radiators

Designer Towel Rails Range

The next generation of bathroom heaters has arrived. 

Electric energy saving towel rail, Intelli Heat offers the most exclusive product on the market. stretches the boundaries of energy-efficient electric heating by introducing their stunning new range of designer bathroom heaters.

Output 500w & 750w.

Cali Sense Energy Efficient Electric Radiator

Cali Sense

Smart Electric Heating, with Eco-design Lot 20 efficiency as a standard :

  • Designer Electric Heating, with Eco-design Lot 20 efficiency standard :
  • Real-time energy consumption indication.
  • Opened window detection. (10 to 15% Energy Bills Economy)
  • Occupancy detection. Self Learning Life Style behavior. (10 to 15% Energy Bills Economy)
  • Thermostat & Programs setting  Auto Adjust to your Lifestyle. (10 to 15% Energy Bills Economy)
  • 7 day and daily programme.
  • Setting the temperatures limit.
  • Child and Rental housing PIN code lock.
  • Settings back up.
  • Operating modes: Auto, Comfort, Eco, Frost protection.
  • Eco-design Lot 20 complying. One of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient electric radiator systems available in the UK.
  • Output 750w, 1000w, 1250w, 1500w, 2000w.
i-Sense Smart Electric Radiators

iSense Wi-fi Electric Radiator

The future of smart electric heating is here

By combining built-in WiFi, motion sensors, open window detection and a smart thermostat accurate to within 0.1°, the new ISense range will propel your electric heating system into the digital IOT age! The ISense range is the culmination of IntelliHeat’s long-term strategy to integrate the electric heating system with the IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity revolution, delivering a truly smart heating system for both homes and offices! As the first truly “smart” radiator on the UK market, the Cali I-Sense works with the user to optimise their heating schedule by suggesting modifications to the room specific programs tailored according to when the areas are detected to be in occupation!

The isense draws on the full range of IntelliHeat design features, to enable the synergy between the radiators and their users. Output 750w, 1000w, 1250w, 1500w, 2000w.


Creative Radiators

Electric Heating Becomes Beautifully Intelligent

Creative Radiators ranges are created with sober and linear designs, giving your walls a hint of modernism with discretion. They can be used as a decorative element is placed in the foreground or can be hidden in the environment due to their discrete but intelligent appearance. View our brilliant range of impressive Stylish Designer Radiators. Available in various output Output 500w, 600w, 1000w, 1400w, 1500w, and bespoke sizes, from horizontal to vertical.