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Intelli Heat Electric Radiators Case Studies, genuine verified reviews, and customer testimonials appearing on our website were actually real individual clients, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our energy efficient Electric Radiators and services over the last 21 years.

Here we showcase only a few of our Electric Radiators case studies, and clients reviews. On simple request, we have a number of case studies available for you. With an incredible number of installations throughout the UK, the IntelliHeat electric radiators have been proven to save up to 35% on energy costs* and usage compared to older heating systems. This makes them highly desirable for new sustainable, maintenance-free housing projects or modernisation retrofits, making them a top choice for homeowners, architects, builders, local authorities and specifiers alike.

What customers say about IntelliHeat, Electric Radiators Case Studies and Customers Testimonial Videos:

Video Testimonial, ESOS Energy Assessor review on the iSense Wi-Fi Electric Radiator, and Heating Control App

Installation and advice walkthrough iSense Smart Electric Radiators fully powered by PV Solar panels.

New Testimonial, replacing a costly Oil boiler with a new Wi-Fi Electric Heating System.

Cali Sense Electric Radiators - Lot 20 compliant installation in a large home

Inefficient storage heaters replacement with i-Sense Wi-Fi Electric Radiators - CRC Electrical

Can you power INTELLI HEAT Smart Electric Radiators from your PV solar panels video by Ashley Electrical.

Customer Review: replacing inefficient heaters with CALI SENSE Energy efficient Electric Radiators.

Where gas is not available in 24 luxury homes - Applethwaite Hall, Cumbria

IntelliHeat affordable electric heating -replacing storage heaters Testimonial

Cali Avanti Electric Heating with built-in LCD thermostat - testimonial​

Zebra Homes affordable housing. Cali Sense Electric Radiator testimonial video

Cali Sense Electric Heating with built-in LCD thermostat - testimonial​

Customer Testimonial Video, Electric Radiators the benefit of electric heating in home renovation

Intelli Heat Electric Radiators Case Studies - PDFs

Large 5 bedrooms Home.

Electric Radiators Case Study testimonial, replacing a costly Oil boiler with a new Wi-Fi Electric Heating System.

Clifford House

Electric Radiators Case Studies: Retail Shop and 12 flats in New Park Street Devizes

C.R.C Electrical & Renewables

Case Study - Wi-fi Electric Radiators fully powered by Solar panels

Energy saving heating for Offices

Electric Radiators Case Study: Improve heating and wireless control system whilst reducing running costs.

i-Sense in Newquay

"i-Sense solves a Cornwall Holiday Letting problem''

Ashleys Electrical Services

Electric Radiators Case Study - Eco Design Lot 20 heating installation in a 4 bedroom house

Heritage Development

Case Study: Electric Radiators in 36 flats in Norwich

Wentworth Hotel

Electric Radiators Case Study: REPLACING COSTLY, OLD STORAGE HEATERS in a Grade 2 Hotel with wifi I-Sense

Applethwaite Homes

Electric Radiators Case Study - Eco Design radiators in residential development

Heritage Development

Case Study: Electric Radiators with Zoneray in 20 flats in Leiston.

Artist Loft Beirut, Lebanon

Electric Radiators Case Study: 29 Luxury Penthouse Beirut - ”Cheaper than oil”

Hafele KNX Training Centre

66 NEEDO R line “IntelliHeat Certified KNX Training Center”

Birmingham Apartments

Electric Radiators Case Study: 10 Flats Birmingham “No Gas? – No Problem”.

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Multi zone heating control system

Controlling your heating more effectively will save you money and increase the comfort of your home. MySense multi zone heating control system work with the iSense wi-fi electric radiators

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Energy saving feature of modern electric radiators

Energy saving features are the most important concern to everyone now that gas and electric prices are becoming increasingly unaffordable to the average resident.

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Energy Efficient Smart Electric Radiators

Smart Electric Radiators use IoT for the best energy efficiency, the Internet of Things or IoT, is now being utilised by Smart Electric Radiators interface units to totally transform the way we reduce energy costs and Co2 emissions.

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