All IntelliHeat ranges are made of 100% high-grade aluminum. Creative Radiators Bespoke radiators products are all made of 100% marble! All in made-to-order sizes on a range of our radiators including the Marmo, Curva, and Natura.

Our Bespoke Creative Radiators can come in a number of different colours palette and bespoke shape. A powerful emitter of Radiant Heat, which will give you a comfortable and natural feeling of warmth. The ultimate in quality, design and sustainability!

Finish Pietra electric radiators By Creative Radiators

Coloured Radiators

Our Needo and Creative Radiators range come in a choice of colours to suit every interior, design your electric heating system to become a unique design feature within your home. Bespoke custom coloured vertical designer radiators in any style, retro, and contemporary designs.

With a choice of base materials and colorations to match to your home’s palette. The heater can truly be a work of art in your front room, any image can be printed on the Radiator upon request.

Italian and French Flair

All our heating products are designed by Italian professional design teams and manufactured according to stringent French quality control (NF performance).

Imagine a Ferrari with the “savoir-faire” of French champagne and you will understand why IntelliHeat is the only thermodynamic electric heating system that truly is elegant as it is excellent.  With Italian flair, quality, and patented heating efficiency, this unique exclusive collection will deliver comfort and energy efficiency to your home.

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Creative Radiators italian designer radiators
Creative Radiators italian designer radiators

Creative Radiators Italian Designer Radiators

Should you find that your heating project requires a bespoke solution tailored specifically to suit the character of your home, then look no further than Creative Radiators bespoke heating!

Our bespoke radiators can be manufactured exactly according to your specification, bespoke radiators are a glorious fusion of style and practical functionality which can be perfectly matched to the specifications of your rooms, home, office setting.

Discover our Designer Vertical, Horizontal radiators, towel rails, electric towel rails and heated towel rails handcrafted.