Efficient Wi-fi Electric Heating. Connected Electric Heating systems for the digital age.

IntelliHeat have been studying the IoT concept for a number of years now to understand how best to integrate this wi-fi connectivity revolution into the most energy-thirsty devices in our homes and offices, the electric heating systems.

It is this concept of a truly Smart Wi-fi Radiators which we are now able to offer clients. By combining motion sensors, open window detection, self-learning programming, and built-in Wi-Fi, our new I-Sense range works with the user to optimise settings, rather than the user just telling the radiator what to do. This means our smart radiators can detect when the room is in use, and when the heating is programmed to be on. Our I Sense range will, therefore, understand the user’s lifestyle and recommend programming optimisations, continuously reducing any energy wastage by only heating the areas which are in use.
Isense wifi smart electric radiators by intelli heat

The Technology – Built into every IntelliHeat electric radiator

Each one of our heating units is made of high-grade pure aluminium to maximise conductivity, and filled with our patented thermodynamic fluid which has been tested in controlled environments to deliver optimal heat transfer. All our ranges are designed according to strict Eco-design ‘Lot 20’, NF, BS, ROHS, specifications; the units are extremely elegant, but this is not the main function of our designs. In fact, the structure of every radiator is calculated to deliver maximum levels of heat radiation and deliver natural convection within the allocated heating space. This ensures that the heat is transferred to the most efficient and comfortable way, directly to the occupants of the room to provide the perfect heat distribution. Every IntelliHeat radiator is further equipped with an advanced class II heating element, which rapidly absorbs energy to heat up within seconds and then slowly releases this energy into the fluid to deliver heat, with minimal energy consumption. The Cali Sense range which was designed specifically according to the key principles of EcoDesign “LOt 20” provides our customers with an average up to 30% saving on energy consumption as compared to old storage heater, panel heater or none intelligent control electric heaters.
isense wi-fi electric radiators cutout thermodynamic technology
isense wi-fi electric radiators cutout thermodynamic technology

ACS – Advanced Condensing System

A unique efficiency feature of the Intelli Heat range.
Advanced Condensing System
Effectively each Ecodesign feature complements one another to deliver perfect thermal conductivity which ensures minimal energy consumption for maximum user comfort. All these features work in perfect harmony with the beating heart and brain of the electric heating unit. The built-in Triac energy regulator which determines the exact energy draw requirements to maintain a constant temperature, and the internal IntelliHeat smart thermostat which is accurate to within 0.1°. These two systems remain in constant communication to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort at every moment.
  • Maximum comfort for minimum energy

  • Energy consumption Up to -30%

  • Time to reach comfort temperature set-point +1.5% speed

The Energy Savings with Eco-design ‘Lot 20″ features

The Percentages of energy savings achieved by adding Eco-design features which on its own is 16.2 % in comparison to storage heaters: +7% for an electronic room temperature control plus week timer. +5% for an electronic room temperature control plus day timer. +3% for electronic room temperature control. +1% mechanical thermostat room temperature control. +3% for room temperature control with open window detection. +1% with distance control option. +1% with adaptive start control (eg. Wi-Fi compatibility). +13% with presence detection.

Even spread of temperature

These thermal images show how even the temperature is across the entire surface of the intelli Heat unit, whilst the competitor’s product has a 46°C temperature variance between the hottest and coldest points. This even temperature ensures control and comfort. The Thermodynamic fluid, completely unique to IntelliHeat, favors optimum circulation and quickly diffuses heat on the entire surface of the radiator, contributing to the permanent “hot point” effect.
ACS - Advanced Condensing System delta hot point
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