Central Heating Systems options in the UK

Central Heating Systems in the UK are mostly divided between Gas fired central heating and Electric storage heating, with a general split of around 3 Gas systems to every 2 storage heating systems.

Both of these heating systems are now outdated, the storage heating because they are completely uncontrollable, and take twice as much energy to heat a pile of bricks, that were really not designed to be used as a heating conductor. Gas heating, because of the non-renewable energy, and its ancient ‘Roman-style’ system of having burning hot water running through pipes all around your floors, wasting heat in places that are not habitable spaces.

You might think that installing a state-of-the-art, radiant-heat driven, electric system with thermodynamic aluminium electric radiators and wireless technology controls for each radiator; would be shockingly more expensive than the old warhorses… But this is not the case.

Here is an example with 10 brand new apartments built by Richmond Home & Construction, in Birmingham West Midlands.

Richmond Homes were quoted a total cost of £48k to install a standard gas central heating system in all 10 apartments, consisting of a condensing boiler and 5 radiators with thermostatic controls in each.

Prices: The Intelli Heat price for electric controlled central heating in all 10 apartments was just £18,800, saving a massive £29,200 in total, which means the home owner saves £2,920 on the costs of installing a gas system instead of an electric system.

Running Costs: In addition, the annual running costs should also be taken into account, with a gas system incurring annual costs for maintenance, boiler servicing and a Gas Safe inspection, where an electric heating system has no further expenditure.

Renewable Energy: Taking into account the Government’s promise to reduce the UK carbon footprint and switch to renewable energy, these are two of the main benefits of avoiding fossil fuels and making the inevitable change to a modern electric radiator system. This will inevitably make New Build even cheaper for the home buyer, and put more money in the pockets of existing home owners when they replace their old and failing boilers with a modern and eco-friendly alternative.

If you want to get ahead of the curve, call us for some hard data on how this can work for you…

Needo Line T vertical Electric radiator

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