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IntelliHeat Advanced Heating Solutions Brochure 2021 Cover

Intelli Heat

Full Product List Brochure

Thermopannel Radiant Heating

iPilot App

MySense App Brochure

Creative Radiators Brochure

MyLink Socket Brochure

Our Radiators Range Brochures

iSense Wi-Fi Radiator Brochure

Cali Sense Radiator Brochure

Needo Designer Radiator Brochure

Balneum Eco+ Towel Radiator Brochure

Novo Radiant Panel Heater Brochure

Creative Bespoke Radiators Brochure

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iSense wifi Radiator


Cali Sense


My Link Smart Socket Manual

Needo Smart Energy Instructions

Sophia Towel Rail Manual

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Before installing your Intelli Heat radiator, please read all manuals carefully, it contains general information about the product, the correct installation method, safety instructions and the warranty. For the installation of the radiators it is recommended to contact a qualified electrician or professional.

Being Class II double insulated, the cable from this radiator does not carry an Earth wire, it has a Live (brown), Neutral (blue-grey) and a BLACK wire, which is a pilot wire. Never connect the black Pilot Wire to an Earth, Live or Neutral connection.

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