Before dismissing Electric Heating it pays to look at the total cost of operations

Electric heating becomes cheaper and more controllable…

Everyone knows that the unit price per kilowatt hour of gas is cheaper than that of electricity, but the gap has been closing over the years. Despite the lower cost of gas, electric heating is making big inroads into the heating market – a market once dominated by gas heating

There are several advantages of electric heating over gas. Electric heating provides much better control, particularly if using a thyristor, Triac or solid state relay (SSR).

Gas heating would be impossible in rural zones. Electric heating is much more efficient. Even with the modern boilers there is a certain amount of wastage of gas supplied to the burner through pipes and suchlike, so you don’t get out all that you put into it. With electric heating, you only use the amount required.

The initial outlay for electric heating is often lower with a typical gas boiler being around 30% more expensive.  Add to this the far greater cost and disruption of having a gas system installed and electric heating becomes even more attractive.

So before dismissing electric heating it pays to look at the total cost of operations, not just the unit price per kilowatt hour. Intelli heat Thermodynamic Fluid Filled Radiators.needo electric radiators

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