A Great DIY option to Replace Old Storage Heating in a Day

Are you totally fed up with your old storage heating leaving you cold in the evenings when you want to be warm, and warm in the morning when everyone goes out to work and school, leaving the cat sweating on the sofa?

Freezing cold bedrooms because storage heaters are just too heavy to mount on upper floors, so you leave the doors open and hope that enough warm air will rise up the stairs to make you warm enough to want to get out of bed?

So what are the options to replace it?

Everyone’s first thought is for a traditional wet system of a gas boiler and radiators filled with water. But this is certainly not a DIY option, and involves Gas Safe engineers tramping into every room, shifting furniture, lifting fitted carpets or cemented tiled floors, cutting holes in the floorboards, and laying hundreds of metres of copper pipes, with heavy steel radiators taking up even more valuable wall space than the old storage heaters.

The cost of this runs to thousands of pounds, and needs to pay an engineer’s wages for a whole week, plus the 50% markup to the Heating company that employs him. You could use a British Gas engineer, but did you know that these are all self-employed contractors who get a ‘commission’ from British Gas to do the work? So you are still paying double for it.

Who has £6, £7, or £8 thousand pounds to spare these days to pay for it, so that means going into debt in some way to pay it, which adds an extra 25% to the cost in interest charges.

There IS an alternative Solution!

Replacing storage heating with Electric Heating is a quick, easy and very cheap option. Before you gasp in horror at using electricity which is technically more expensive per Kw hour than gas; don’t forget that 6 electric radiators of between 300w and 600 w each; the average amount of electricity used per hour will be around 3Kw per hour, and this compares with 35Kw per hour to run a gas boiler, so in actual use it is much much cheaper to run. Did the gas companies forget to tell you that?

How to replace storage heaters with electric radiators?

It’s as easy as 123…

1 Remove the storage heaters

2 Drill 4 holes, rawlplug, and fit 2 brackets, then hang the electric radiator

3 Plug new designer radiator into any standard socket, switch on and that’s it. Job done!

Electric Radiators Cali Avanti installation video. We have made a 3-minute video that shows you exactly what to do here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLyLtrR0kBI

If you are an older person, or single lady and can’t manage to do this on your own, we have excellent Electrical Contractors in every town who can install a complete system for you in half a day. You will need to pay them, but certainly not for a week!

If you are a Landlord or a Homeowner with a few days off over the Holidays, why not do it yourself? We are right here and on-hand for any technical query and one of our experts will be happy to talk you through any questions during your installation.

What’s the catch? So why isn’t everyone doing this, you may be wondering? Well actually, they are. The UK is always about 8 to 10 years behind Europe, and Electric Central Heating is now dominating in countries like Germany, Italy, France, Holland and Spain.

If you would like to talk to us before you decide, do contact us by phone or email or just fill in the online talk to an expert ticket. We are right here all day, every day and happy to help.

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