Electric Radiators that have inbuilt Smart Technology

More and more people are demanding Smart Metres to be installed in their homes to experience the benefits of reduced bills and greater energy efficiency.  But there is another way to have all that Without the Smart Meter….

Thanks to INTELLI HEAT, innovative UK Electric Heating Company who were exhibiting at the recent UK Construction Week Show at the NEC, they have electric radiators that have inbuilt Smart Technology, which means that you have all that information at your fingertips – on every single radiator, for every single room! 

What Smart Meters WON’T Tell You

A Smart Metre should be called a Basic Meter. It can only tell you how much power is being used in the whole house, leaving it up to you to search from room to room to see if the kettle is on, or the upstairs bedroom electric blanket was left on…  Not very smart if you have a 300-bedroom Hotel, or a 5-story office block leaving you to run up and down the stairs and in each room to find where the power is being used!

The Intelli Heat thermo-dynamic fluid aluminium radiators go so much further in smart technology. Every rad has its own smart control allowing you to programme it for 7 days to 0.1 degrees. It will give you an INSTANT read-out of exactly how much energy is being used in each room, by each designer radiator, every minute. You will see how the smart controller drops the power it uses as the room gets to temperature.

The Cali Eco-Sense self-learning, smart electric radiator uses unique presence detection sensor technology to learn exactly how a room is used. It will start at 100% and when the room reaches 15 degrees, it drops the power used down to 80% and then for every degree warmer in the room, it drops the power used by another 10%. Add to this the choices of switching off rooms that are not being used, so there is absolutely NO NEED to run every radiator at the same time in the entire House.

Control Each radiator on your Wi-Fi

Yes, from your favourite armchair, you can turn on and off any radiator in your house. For a Hotel or Office block, that means you can stay in your warm office and switch off every room not being used without moving.

Control with an APP on your Phone

In fact, you don’t even need to go to the office, you can control every radiator in every room from your phone or tablet, leaving you to sit on the beach and relax, or on the train, or at a conference that has finished late.

Now that’s what WE call Intelligent Electric Radiators!