Cali Avanti Thermodynamic Fluid Filled Electric Radiators

The CALI Avanti electric radiator is ultra slim and stylish which would complement any interior. The 100% Italian aluminum body is designed to ensure a thermo-efficient performance which is greatly assisted by the thermodynamic-fluid filling, and is fitted with an intelligent ambient thermostat that ensures a perfect regulation of energy consumption. There are several similar-looking radiators on the market but don’t get confused….The Cali Avanti is made from 100% Italian Aluminium – both the body AND the side panels, NOT plastic, The entire outside of the radiator is DOUBLE-coated, DOUBLE painted – giving up to 10x more protection from discoloration etc than a single-coated versions.

The user-friendly, backlit controls are positioned on the top of the radiator making stooping down with a torch to change the temperature a thing of the past. Thermostat senses the room temperature with 1/10th degree accuracy meaning the temperature you set is the temperature you get! Cali Avanti is Class II double-insulated, which means that it is a more robust unit than similar Classe I radiators, have no earth, have a larger element and a triac) Cali Avanti have a unique humidifier/fragrance diffuser.  please have a look:

Cali Avanti versus Competitors:

  • Their products are class 1
  • Our Cali Avanti is class 2
  • Their electronics (the heart of an any electric radiator) are made in China
  • Our Cali Avanti electronics are European produced by an Italian leading company, a market leader in Electronics.
  • Our Cali Avanti is filled with the original Thermodynamic fluid, is Class 2, as previously mentioned, has a Triac and its entire body is made of 100% best quality cast aluminium (no plastic bits)
  • The body of their entire radiator’s range is not made in house which does not give you any guaranty on where the aluminium is sourced, (ask yourself where the aluminium comes from, is he safe?)
  • Our Cali Avanti is fully designed and produced in Italy, from recycle metal to the finish product and goes through the highest quality control during the entire production process.
  • Our Cali Avanti is double coated through a process called anaforesis and polvers which gives the aluminium maximum protection against paint flaking, yellowing and corrosion, giving the radiator a long lifespan;
  • Our Cali Avanti hold the highest energy performance certification NF Performance.
  • Our Cali Avanti’s controls are positioned on top; easy access, clear visibility.

Also, the efficiency of Our Cali Avanti radiator is second to none, while the Triac maximizes the energy efficiency, the precise intelligent thermostat, works really close to set up point (if you set 25°C on the display, the radiator is working around 24.8 °C to 25.2 °C) so you feel the best COMFORT in your room. We challenge any cheap, low quality radiators to claim and prove the same.

Hopefully we have cleared any doubts regarding the superior efficiency and quality of not only our Cali Avanti, but our entire electric radiator range, compared to other products on the  market.

cali avanti electric radiator