It’s official, if you replace your storage heaters with the new range of Intelli Heat Electric Radiators….

Intelli Heat Officially Apologises to All Cats!

It’s official, if you replace your storage heaters with the new range of Intelli Heat Electric Radiators, it will fail to keep the cat warm all day while you are out…

Comparing Storage Heaters with Electric Rads: an intelligent heating system does not throw out heat all day while you are at work after storing it up all night while you are asleep.

Comfortable warmth when you need it

Electric radiators will only give out heat when needed by the humans. It will reduce your energy bills, lower your carbon footprint, and even pay for itself in the space of twelve months.

Comparing a storage heating system with the latest electric radiator systems, is like comparing an old fashioned clay oven with a modern fan assisted top range oven. No more heating up old bricks that were invented to be made into brick walls.

Bricks are for building

Would you want your external brick walls to radiate all your internal heat outside as quickly as possible? Obviously not, but this is what is expected of the old storage heaters that are installed in your downstairs rooms. Too heavy to install them upstairs, so the bedrooms are always cold, unless you buy an expensive fan heater.

The Intelli Heat Electric Radiator Systems are a perfect alternative. No need to rip up all the floors to install them, just hang them on the wall and plug into the nearest 13 amp socket. Fully compliant with all the energy efficiency requirements and regulations, in both the UK and Europe. Including Part L and Part P.

Lower Energy Bills by using the cheapest rate electricity tariffs; when they reach temperature, the energy is switched off, while they continue to heat your room directly transferring heat into the air.

No Servicing Costs or maintenance of pipes and a fashionista choice of beautiful shapes and styles of radiator, that look more like a piece of art, giving you more choices for superb interior design.

Fast, no-mess Installation Installed in one day, quickly and easily, with no mess, and the patented engineering process gives a reliable product that keeps you and your family warm for the hours you need it – not when you don’t. #electricheating #electricheaters

So for all cats that are home alone all day, we offer you a lovely cosy blanket instead!


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